Conservatory and Pergola’s

Conservatory and Pergola’s

Conservatory Roof Repair in Limerick

Is your conservatory roof liable to suffer leaks whenever there is rain i.e. rotting timbers. Conservatory roof repair provides comprehensive and affordable roof repair services for all conservatories regardless of size or style. Need speedy repairs for your conservatory roof but worried about the price tag? We can help you find the best conservatory roof repairs at a price to suit your budget.

We provide conservatory repairs to homes and businesses.

Conservatory Repair at the end of a phone call

The roof of any conservatory is one of the most vulnerable part of the structure, susceptible to weather damage as well as damage caused by slipping roof tiles. Common problems that are easily repaired include leaks, failing roof vents, broken glass and slipped roofing panels. The modern conservatory roofs use either poly-carbonate or laminate glass. These materials are both easily maintained and repaired.

Causes of a roof leak in your conservatory

Apart from damage caused by falling debris there are reasons as to why your conservatory roof might be letting in water and need repair:

If your conservatory is on top the brickwork with lead flashing then there could be the potential for a leak if it is not sealed properly. Common with different types of conservatories is when rainwater is blown back up the roof and underneath the lead work, the entering the conservatory. It can be fixed quite simply by re-sealing the void underneath the lead work will need attention.

Repairing your roof seals:

Even if your glass or poly-carbonate roof panels are structurally intact, the seals around them may have become damaged and could be allowing water to enter. Your panels can be resealed allowing rain to flow off them.

The cause of leaks are relatively easy to repair when compared to a total replacement of your roof panels.

Glass Roof Repair

Another popular option for conservatory roofs is Glass. Glass roofing is available in a variety of sizes, tints, opacities and can be solar with a self-cleaning option. The most common glass conservatory roof repairs Limerick result from breakage, due to being struck by debris during storms.

independent standing pergola'sThe glass can be repaired or replaces easily but may be more expensive than poly-carbonate roofs. Both poly-carbonate and glass roofs can have a coating applied to inhibit the growth of different types of algae and moss while providing increased durability insuring the longevity of your roof.

Double Glazed Conservatory Repair

While the use of double glazing on windows to improve insulation and UPVC is one of the most common materials used this again can be expensive.

UPVC is versatile and will last longer, requiring little to no maintenance. It can, however, be damaged during severe weather. UPVC conservatory roof repair is easy and generally inexpensive, maintaining the integrator, security and energy efficiency of your conservatory building.

Poly-Carbonate Roof Repair

Your poly-carbonate roof is very versatile, light weight but very p, and is available in a variety of colours and finishes. The UV filter layer is particularly liable to suffer to weather damage. Most companies provide regular maintenance packages and discounted repair services for poly-carbonate roofs.

Hardwood Roof Repair

Hardwood timber conservatories are the traditional tradeoff. Hardwood conservatory roofs are naturally resistant to weather, and are not generally liable to suffer to leaks. Regular maintenance is required, to protect the wood from insect infestation, mould growth and rot. New microporous paints help keep hardwood maintenance to a minimum.

Hardwood roofing is prone to waterlogged, individual panels and beams can be replaced without the need for complete roof replacement.

Dealing with Wooden Roofing

Wooden conservatories are another popular type of installation, they stand up well to test of time. However, when wooden conservatories and conservatory roofs are not properly maintained, the wood panels will rot.

If rot starts on your conservatory roof, it’s important to contact a professional right away.

A professional roofer will examine your roof for damage, replace any rotting panels/timbers, and provide a weatherproofing treatment that will help protect the wood

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